Pursuant to Title 17, Section 512(c)(2) of the United States Code, if you believe that any ofyour copyrighted material is being infringed on the Website, we have designated an agent toreceive notifications of claimed copyright infringement.

All notifications not relevant to us or ineffective under the law will receive no responseor action thereupon. Pursuant to Title 17, Section 512(c)(3) of the United States Code, aneffective notification of claimed infringement must be a written communication to our agentthat includes substantially the following:
(a) Identification of the copyrighted work that is believed to be infringed. Please describethe work and, where possible, include a copy or the location (e.g., a URL) of an authorizedversion of the work;
(b) Identification of the material that is believed to be infringing and its location.Please describe the material and provide a URL or any other pertinent information that willallow us to locate the material on the Website;
(c) Information that will allow us to contact you, including your address, telephone numberand, if available, your e-mail address;
(d) A statement that you have a good faith belief that the use of the material complained ofis not authorized by you, your agent or the law;
(e) A statement that the information in the notification is accurate and that under penaltyof perjury that you are the owner or are authorized to act on behalf of the owner of thework that is allegedly infringed; (f) A physical or electronic signature from the copyright holder or an authorizedrepresentative.